Manufacturing Facility

REACH Cooling Group manufactures all of our products under ISO 9001 and TS 16949 certifications. These internationally recognized technical requirements ensure the highest quality production standards, materials, and processes. Rigorous testing measurements are conducted on all of the cooling parts we develop. These include vibration sensitivity, corrosion resistance, thermal shock absorption, temperature differential, and wind tunnel testing. REACH gas-pressurizes every finished part before packaging, to eliminate any possibility of leaks for our customers. All REACH products are guaranteed to meet or exceed Original Equipment specifications and performance.

Most aftermarket cooling product manufacturers outsource the majority of their products from a wide range of suppliers, each with varying levels of ability. This makes it very difficult for them to control their product quality and consistency. REACH takes great pride in manufacturing over 95% of the parts we supply within our own factory. This includes the production of many component parts like oil coolers and plastic tanks, along with much of the tooling required for final fabrication. REACH takes great pride in utilizing only the best quality raw materials, while implementing Lean-manufacturing and Six Sigma processes for continuous improvement. All of these factors allow us to maintain the highest standards of quality control and precision in the aftermarket heat exchange sector.

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